Intellectual Property In Europe


Now In Its 4th Edition. 1st Annual Supplement is out!

Intellectual Property in Europe is a comprehensive and detailed guide to intellectual property law in Europe. It was first published in 1995. The fourth edition was published on 21st November 2014. The 1st annual supplement came out in November 2015 which updates the law to 1st September 2015.

Its chief author is Guy Tritton and contributing authors are Ben Longstaff, Tom St. Quintin, Richard Davis, and Ashley Roughton. Past contributors are Simon Malynicz, Michael Edenborough and James Graham.

It is published by Sweet & Maxwell (Thomson Reuters). It has become a well-established textbook for the practitioner, the academic and the student both in the United Kingdom and also in continental European countries. It is frequently cited by books, journals and by Advocate- Generals in the CJEU.

It is unique in its exhaustive analysis of international and Community law as applicable in Europe. Because of the highly harmonised nature of IP law, it avoids a repetitive country by country analysis of laws but rather highlights differences that still remain.

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Reviews & Testimonials

This book should be on the bookshelf of every practitioner dealing with intellectual property rights and should also be useful to the advanced student....this book is essential for all intellectual property practitioners and from the clearness and thoroughness of its exposition deserves to find a wider readership amongst government and industrial circles who are concerned with intellectual property right.David Rogers, Member of Boards of Appeal, European Patent Office
Each topic this reviewer examined in the book was comprehensively covered....The book should be in the libraries of intellectual property firms or departments and will be useful for any in-house lawyer in a company with important IP rights.Solicitors Journal, Susan Singleton