Intellectual Property In Europe

Now in its fifth edition, Tritton on Intellectual Property in Europe covers the entire range of laws and regulations affecting IP in Europe, giving you all the information relating to this topic.

The book provides expert commentary on legislation, regulations and cases so you have complete understanding of the law. You can find out how the legislation offers protection of clients’ rights and ascertain the remedies obtainable for infringement.


  • Unrivalled coverage of patents, copyright, designs, trademarks and plant varieties at an international regional and European Union level
  • Considers the practical dimensions of each, as well as the substantive law
  • Discusses each subject area in general European terms
  • Provides expert commentary on the practical aspects of intellectual property, such as implementation, licensing, franchising, joint ventures and enforcement
  • Examines intellectual property and competition law, highlighting ways in which the two areas overlay
  • Considers interaction of national law and EU law including “Euro defences”
  • IP and the Customs Regulation
  • The Recast Brussels Regulation and IP
  • Cited extensively in papers, books and articles including in Advocate-General’s Opinions and is the main used by a number of university intellectual property courses run in the European Union